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Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Grafting workshop in Sheffield - UK

I received this from the Abundance team, looks good, might go myself.

"Come and learn the Art of Grafting on

14th March at 324 Albert Rd, Meersbrook, Sheffield, S8 9RD
Time - 11am - 4pm.

Grafting is the most common way of propagating fruit trees. In this session you will learn to graft your own apple or pear tree (your choice), and you can then take it home to look after. In the spring when the sap starts rising you will know if you've succeeded in grafting it!

This grafting Course will be led by Niels Corfield from Leeds Permaculture Network. Niels has had many years experience working with perennial plants, specializing in forest gardening techniques, and the permaculture philosophy of multiple layer systems. He has a wide knowledge of edible perennial plants and he works regularly with leads permaculture network, running workshops and events, teaching and educating about permaculture

This course runs parallel to The Abundance Project, in that it is one of the key tools in creating abundance. Fruit trees have an amazing capacity to bring nutritious food to people at relatively low cost and effort.

We will provide Cups of tea and drinks. Bring your own packed lunch and warm clothes.

Cost - £10 waged, £5 unwaged

Phone Stephen on 07960774732 for more information.

All the best

the Grow Sheffield team"

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